Big Brad likes Cars

I came across this blog post from (Here’s the full story)

Our long lost Cavs legend has a new gig this upcoming year. He is going to be a NASCAR commentator.

Here is’s blurb:
Who would have thought that former Cavaliers center Brad Daugherty would become the first full-time African-American NASCAR commentator? Not me. Then again, Brad always has been a little unpredictable.

Upon further review, Daugherty has had his hand in the sport for the past 20 years, owning race teams in the Busch and Craftsman Truck Series as well as being a member of the rules and competition committee.

Daugherty will join the ESPN NASCAR crew in 2007. He’ll host the NASCAR Pit Studio Show, which will provide pre- and post-race coverage as well as segments during the race.

Good for Hooch. Now, just come to the Q so we can honor you. I don’t know where it started but you and the Cavs need to bury the hatchet.

Peace out Luke

The Boston Herald is reporting the Cavs will trade Luke Jackson to the C’s for some big guy that will probably be cut by the Cavs. Luke got caught up in a numbers game with the Cavs. Although his injuries didn’t help much either.

You know this is a blah trade when the career highlight for one player involved is being designated to Florida Flame of the D-League for the 2005-06 season and the other doesn’t even have a career highlight.

LeBron IV for sale!

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Yearly Records

On the Seasons page, i finally added what each year’s record was.

How did i not think of putting that up ’till now.

Gearing up for 06-07

Ok, i FINALLY updated the playoff stats from last year. Wow, that’s way late. But, I’m getting the site ready for the upcoming year so i did it today.
Needless to say, i need to get the playoff stats into the all-time leaders page, because I’m sure you guys are gonna want to track LBJ going up the list… but the playoffs are a looong ways off, so i have some time.

Anyways, you can view the updated stats on the individual player’s pages or check it on the team page here.

New Cavs Floor Design Confirmed

In a previous post (which i have deleted out of embarrassment), i thought i had the new floor… i was wrong. The ultra cool Brian Windhorst broke the actual pic of the new floor in his blog (which i found linked from a YAYSports article).

I think it looks pretty cool

Check it out on the Courts page

The Best of the LeBron Brothers!

Its even basketball themed!

Get yours today!

(this might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted)

Reghi's greatest quote (from

This is the one ESPN really got on Reghi for, its a real mouthfull.

I quoth the great Reghi (I really struggled to figure out how the punctuation would be):

“LEBRON JAMES!!! Flight number 23 LOVES levitation; coming out of the attic to SMASH it home!!!”
and then…
“LeBron with STRENGTH! YOU can count THAT! And one coming at the line! THE MEGAWATT! The brilliance of LeBron James is again SHINING brightly in Charlotte tonight!”

Seriously? The Megawatt?

Check it out at

I will miss Reghi a ton.

LBJ on Letterman, Sept 22, 2006

I stole this from (which is awesome, and if you don’t read it, you’ve missed out on a whole year of hilarious stuff).

Check it out:

(his jumper looks smooooooooooooth. LeBron’s looks nice,too)

David Wesley Is A Cav

Cavs signed veteran guard David Wesley to play for them. This seems strange for two reasons, one the Cavs have a glut of guards, second Wesley and Damon Jones are very similar in their role. Both are about the same size and weight, can play a little PG, are more suited for SG, and the Cavs need them hit open jumpers and drain three’s. Although Wesley should provide more defense. So, they got two players to do the same thing? We think it’s pretty obvious the Cavs are going to move one or more of their guards at some point in the season, whether it be Luke, Sasha, Ira or DJ, someone has to go.