More Than A Game

The director of “More Than A Game” was a recent guest on the Adam Carolla Podcast. You can find it at this link or itunes.

There are a few intestering tidbits and behind the scenes stuff about the doc and his interactions with the team.

If you’re like me and enjoy the whole podcast thing (I can’t walk my dog with listening to something), check out other Carolla podcasts. They’re usually fun and entertaining. If you need a starting point, download the Richard Belzer interview, Belzer tells some crazy and interesting stories. It’s worth the time.

Windorst on the Radio

Windhorst joined Micheal Reghi on 850 yesterday and dropped some science.

Check it here:

Some old news regarding Leon Powe, but interesting analysis on Lebron, the Dwade and Miami standoff,   salary cap complexities and a thought provoking nugget at the end.

Lebron Speaks

Whenever Lebron speaks, or doesn’t, it creates some sort media storm. He finally broke his summer silence and spoke about a number topics. The topics include “dunk-gate”, “handshake-gate”, “Shaq-gate” and “future contact and staying in Cleveland-gate. ”

I’m too lazy to really dig and try and find the article (I’m mean I clicked on one link and it wasn’t there, what do you want from me?), plus I’m not sure if its even available.  Besides, the genius that is J.E. Skeets over at “Ball Don’t Lie” has the perfect wrap.

Check it:;_ylt=AlsxJpnSxtUZ8vr_SSMSREY5nYcB?urn=nba,181361

My favorite part, Lebron talks in the third person.  I’m looking forward to more of this.

Anyway, I’m Crunch and I used to post in parts awhile back.  Took a sabatical and now I’m back to add commentary and kill time at work.

Not this $%^* again

Every where I click, listen or read pundits are lining up to opine about Lebron going to New York or Brooklyn or New Jersey or anywhere but Cleveland. Granted, LeBron is fueling the fire by waxing so eloquently about those destinations, but to read into everything the man says is pointless. We’re two years away from any decision and the Cavs management is definitely on the clock, but so many things can change while NY waits for him to save their basketball lives.

Kelly Dwyer blogged precisely about this yesterday over at the BDL. He acknowledged LeBron’s and the Cavs situation and asked his fellow writers to place a moratorium on writing about LeBrons not so impending free agency.

Well fodder is fodder and so many can’t help themselves. We Cavs fans need to develop a tougher skin and bring facts to the arguement, not just emotion and fervor.

Some facts:
-Cleveland can offer more money and years to LeBron in terms of contract.
-Since the CBA was created, no player offered a max contract has left his orginal team to take less money. Not even Shaq, despite what Terry Pluto has writen and said. This is just not how the NBA works. A player either forces his way out by demanding a sign and trade or gets his money and dogs it until he’s traded.
-Over YaySports The Cavalier has some much more entertaining thoughts to combat the naysayers.

Take a deep breath and don’t let the pundits or internet trolls get you worked up, we’ll get through this and then we can wait for it all to start again in 2016.

Get Well Wishes

We follow the Cavs very closely here and our favorite beat writer and Cavs insider is Brian Windhorst. Recently heard Brian is in the hospital with a serious illness. On behalf of Dcass, we want to send along our sincere well wishes to Brian and his family. We’re pulling for you and look forward to reading your insight and knowledge soon.

Get Well Soon.

Crunch and Dcass

LeBron is overlaughing

If you didn’t stay up to watch the Lebron-less Cavs take on the Sonics, you missed a humorous situation. Donyell Marshall’s jersey came off when he took his warm-up jacket off to enter the game. Kind of funny, probably embarrassing for Marshall, but Lebron was literally LOL-ing….in excess. Now, we laughed like this the first time we saw the sex scene in “Team America” or even the beans scene in “Blazing Saddles” when we were like 10, but this just didn’t strike us as that funny. Maybe because it was late.

Oh Boy.

And you thought a hat freaked people out. Let the whinning, pissing and moaning begin.

For the record, I don’t care and I hate that this bothers people so much.

Larry Hughes would not win the batting title

Over at Yahoo! Sports Kelly Dwyer is blogging and has an interesting perspective about Larry Hughes. We have to admit, we were pretty psyched when Hughes signed and looked forward to big things. We even considered purchasing a Hughes jersey. Good thing we didn’t. That would have been more embarrassing than the Charlie Frye jersey hanging in our closet. Talk about hitching our wagon to the wrong horse.

Obviously, the Hughes experiment hasn’t worked out, but we’re getting to the point where its just piling on to mention the monumental failure this has become. We get it, he doesn’t fit with this team.

Is that a camera or a phone clipped to that lady’s bikini bottom? Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

Not So Breaking News

We know we’re not your source for Cavs news, but we’re trying to get ISO-9000 certified so we have to document everything. With that in mind, Mike Brown received a contract extension the other day. Brown is in a tough predicament, when the Cavs win, it’s because of Lebron, when they lose, it’s because of him. That’s the way it is for an NBA coach and he’ll be getting paid handsomely for it. Brown has done well as the head coach, we realize his rotations can be head scratching, his offense mind numbing and his hope to recreate some variation of ‘2 girls 1 cup’ on the sideline, by hacking luggies into a cup, disgusting (not nearly as disturbing as the original), but he has delivered on his promise to make the Cavs a defense first team. When the Cavs play defense, they win. It’s that simple and it took them far last year.

Like it or lump it, Mike Brown is going to be around for a while. We’re hoping he does wel enough to keep Lebron around for a while too.

Mea Cupla

Sorry for never responding to those who took the time to email. Mixed among the 867 male enhancement and other spam emails were some genuine suggestions and questions that I checked for the first time today (only 3 years after the start of the site). Now that I know where to go and the password, I’ll be able to check on a regular basis. Good news though, apparently a lot girls want to date me and the king of Zimbabwe can now access his trust fund because of my help!

Thanks for all the kind words!