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Check out the new Player Profile Pages for 2010-11

Updated them for Antawn and Mo rockin’ the new road unis



Get Ready for ANOTHER Goofy Uniform This Year

Confirmed: CavFanatic Jersey #3 is on its way

Theme Nights
Back by popular demand, fans will “Stand Up and Stand Out” at CavFanatic Night! Two games will be dedicated to the over 27,000 members of, the Cavaliers social networking site. To commemorate both nights, and to recognize this Cavs-crazed online community of friends, the players will wear special edition CavFanatic uniforms. The CavFanatic jersey will be the only alternate jersey the team will wear this season making it a must see!

CavFanatic Night #1 January 5 vs. Toronto
CavFanatic Night #2 January 21 vs. Milwaukee

First Sighting of Cavs Player in New Uniforms

The Cavs Facebook Page had this pic of Ramon Sessions on it today.

Ramon Gives You a "C"

Ramon Gives You a "C"

MORE Jerseys to come this year?


According to Windy‘s Sunday Q&A in the PD. I guess we’ll have even more uni’s to look forward to this year.

Q: Hey, Brian: Do the Cavs have an alternate blue uniform this season, or do they just have the white home and wine away ones they unveiled recently? — Lauren, Cleveland

A: Hey, Lauren: No they won’t. There are plenty of obscure uniform rules within the NBA and one of them is you can’t have an alternate uniform for two years after you unveil a new uniform design. So there will be no alternate blue this season. However, the Cavs can still have special-edition uniforms and they’ll wear those several times. Like I said, the rules are obscure.