Cavs Sign Alonzo Gee to Fill Spot Left Open By Hot Wad

Alonzo Gee

Alonzo Gee

Alonzo Gee is a jacked 6′ 6” 200 lbs G/F – former Alabama Crimson Tide star.  Also, Gee was the 2010 NBA D-League Rookie of the year playing for Austin Toros, averaging 21 points, 6.6 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 38.2 mpg. In the NBA, he had a pair of 10-day stints with the Washington Wizards last season, and this year has played 11 games with the Wizards and five with the San Antonio Spurs. He’s averaged 2.1 points and 1.6 rebounds in the NBA this season. He will wear No. 33.

Check out some of his dunk skillz….

Cavs Waive Hometown Player Jawad Williams


In a surprise move that is likely going to be interpreted as making room for someone else to be added to the roster, the

Hot Wad

Hot Wad

Cavs have waived St. Edward and UNC star Jawad Williams.



Jawad just signed a new a 1 year contract for $1m on Sept 21, 2010.  Cavs had to waive him before January or they would be on the hook for the full amount.

The internet has been rumbling that the Cavaliers have been in touch with Cavs Alumni Sasha Pavlovic. I’m sure it will be rumbling that someone had to be cut to make room for him.

Jawad was a model citizen and a decent 9-10 backup.  We wish him well.


Merry Christmas From


Merry Christmas

Thanks to Demitri for the pic!



Turn the Page… Cavs vs. T-Wolves Tonight

It seems unlikely that Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins’ return to Minnesota will cause quite the hubbub that the Cleveland Cavaliers witnessed in their latest game.

The Cavaliers look to put an embarrassing nationally televised loss behind them Saturday against the Timberwolves, who have dropped six straight after blowing a huge fourth-quarter lead against the NBA’s best team.

Cleveland (7-11) had a frenzied crowd on its side as LeBron James made his much-anticipated return to northeast Ohio on Thursday night, but the two-time MVP’s former team was no match for Miami. The Cavaliers fell behind by as many as 38 points – the same as James’ total for the night – in a 118-90 defeat that served as a bitter reminder of what they lost over the summer.

First-year coach Byron Scott seemed remarkably unfazed, however.

“We have got a young team so it doesn’t hurt me,” he said. “This is a learning process for our guys. A lot of guys that we have in our locker room haven’t been on a stage this big.

Eight players in the Cavaliers’ 10-man rotation did participate in the 2010 postseason. The only two who didn’t are Sessions and Hollins, who Cleveland acquired in an offseason trade from the Timberwolves (4-15) after the pair spent one season apiece with Minnesota.

The Cleveland player with the most postseason experience seemed considerably more bothered than Scott by his team’s fifth consecutive double-digit loss.

“It was an old-fashioned (butt-kicking),” forward Antawn Jamison told the Cavaliers’ official website. “… It should make us angry to the point that we learn from it. We’ve been embarrassed and we should never want to have this feeling again.”

Cleveland has won nine straight against the Timberwolves, but it won’t have James’ 30.1-point average from that stretch to turn to anymore.

Mo Williams has averaged 20.2 points in his last six games versus Minnesota, while Jamison averaged 24.3 in his last four games against the Timberwolves while with Washington.

Minnesota looked capable of beating anyone after three quarters in San Antonio on Friday night, when it built a 15-point lead on the NBA-best Spurs.

Nothing went right for the Timberwolves in the fourth, though. Minnesota missed 15 of 19 shots and committed six turnovers as San Antonio rallied to win 107-101.

“That’s what good teams do,” Timberwolves coach Kurt Rambis said. “Good teams have the confidence that they’re going to come back and win. … Young teams, unfortunately, can’t figure out how to hold big leads.”

The Timberwolves have been much better at the Target Center, where they’re 3-5 and have been edged by an average of just 2.5 points. On the road, Minnesota’s been outscored by 14.1 points per game.

Minnesota’s second six-game slide certainly hasn’t come due to a lack of effort on Kevin Love’s part. The NBA’s leading rebounder – who has made the Timberwolves the league’s top team on the glass- has averaged 22.8 points and 18.8 rebounds in his last five contests after failing to score against the Lakers on Nov. 19.

Teammate Michael Beasley has rejuvenated his career in Minnesota after two up-and-down seasons in Miami. He’s had previous success against the Cavs. Beasley averaged 20.3 points in three games versus Cleveland last season.

Cavs Have a 2nd Mascot (that’s the big news right now, right?)

The Cavs have added “Sir. C.C.” to help out Moondog with in-game shinanigans.


Bringing history to life, the Cleveland Cavaliers are proud to announce that the newest member of the game entertainment family was deep inside The Q the entire time! It was during the Saturday, November 27th matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks that in-game host Ahmaad discovered a gallant swashbuckler who looked strangely familiar. Intrigued by his elaborate attire, Ahmaad brought the fan onto the court to feature during a

Sir C.C.

timeout. Donned head-to-toe in the original expression of Wine & Gold, an elegant plumed hat and wielding a recognizable sword, mascot Moondog quickly realized that this dashing gentleman was no regular fan dressed in Cavs garb; rather he was none other than Sir C.C. – the original Cavalier straight from the 1970s! As Q-Tube took the crowd back in time through a presentation of video archives showing footage of Sir C.C. making cameos throughout Cleveland and franchise history, fans quickly learned that he has been here all along!

I always thought it’d be cool to have a swash bucker dude as our mascot instead of someone in a big headed costume.  Remember the weird, spandexed up Warriors guy from the 90s/00s?.

Sadly, as much as it pains me, with the addition to this dude, its probably time to put up mascots pages (CC, Whammer, Moondog, etc…).  I’ll put that in the bucket of stuff I still need to do for the site (like announcers and boxscores).

I need an intern.

p.s. this debuts the “mascots” tag… ugh

p.p.s. I am little embarrassed to say that Moondog is actually pretty funny.



Site Update: Banner Now with Mo!

So, I put up a poll in September to see who you wanted to add to CH banner to replace Shaq, it was a resounding “MO!”.  I had to wait a while to get a suitable picture in the new unis.

Happy Black Friday Cavs Fans.

Cavs 2010-2011 Season Page Up

Check it out HERE

Take a walk town memory lane HERE


2010-2011 Cavs



Game 1 Tonight – Go Cavs

The Celts made Miami look bad last night.  Lets see how our Cavs do.

Only real other story is weather or not Mo or Ramon will Start.

Will add stats after the game to “officially” get the new players added to CavsHistory.

How to Keep Up With the Cavs This Year

The season starts Wednesday, here’s my advice on who and what to follow this upcoming year to keep up on your Cavs.


  • RealCavsFans – The merger of “Numbers Don’t Lie” and RealCavsFans give you both a strong editorial blog and what I think is the best Cavs fan forum on the web.  I am NOT a fan of CavFanatic. Great sites, I know the dudes that run it and they have a great user experience there.
  • WaitingForNextYear – Great editorial blog. I am especially a fan Of Scott’s writing
  • Fear the Sword – Great up and comer site.  John has tons of contact and has grown by leaps and bounds as an editorial blogger
  • CavsWitness – Forgive Eric for the name of his blog.  He’s a good dude.

News Outlets.

  • Plain Dealer – I’m going to miss Windy.  But I like MSB and liked her Cavs coverage before Windy joined the PD anyways.  I’m not a big Pluto fan, but oh well.
  • (AB Journal) – Jason Lloyd has great coverage, pre LeBron I’d say that the ABJ may have had better Cavs coverage then even the PD (as we are a Browns town I guess).
  • News Herald – Bob Finnan is a great writer and keeps up with the Cavs almost daily.

Twitter (non-cavs):

  • Bob Finnan -@BobCavsinsider
  • Mary Schmidt Boyer – @PDCavsInsider
  • Jason Lloyd – @ABJCavsInsider
  • RealCavsFans – @realcavsfans
  • Scott at WFNY – @WFNYScott
  • John at FearTheSword – @FearTheSword
  • Eric at CavsWitness – @CavsWITNESS

Twitter (Cavs Players)

  • Mo Williams @mogotti2
  • Samardo Samuels @samardo24
  • Daniel Gibson @1BooByD_Gibson
  • Leon Powe @Leon_Powe
  • Anthony Parker @AMP1808
  • Christian Eyenga @christeyenga8
  • Manny Harris @313Mannyharris (thx to @RCFaction)

And of course: @CavsDan

LeBron Releases the Most Self-Absorbed Commercial in History

Apparently, he’s the victim.

LeBron, in your own words: “GET OVER IT”.  I have.