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Cavs pick up Marshall

Reports have Donyell Marshall signing a four year deal worth between $20-$25 million according to ESPN. Marshall, who hit 12 three point field goals in a game versus Philly this past year, will be relied on heavily by Cavs to “sweet stroke that three ball” and to keep all the other Michael Reghi superlatives coming.

Whether Donyell starts or comes off the bench, the Cavs continue to add depth to their team. However, this raises more speculation about Drew Gooden’s future with the Cavs. Could Drew be traded to get a PG? Draft Picks?

BIG Z returns

Rip Van Winkle’s favorite player re-ups with the Cavs. Z signs a five year deal worth between $55-$60 million that will probably allow him to finish his career in Cleveland. With the signing of Hughes and Z, coupled with Lebron, the foundation is set for the Cavs.
Check out the ESPN article.

It’s nice to see the Cavs actually have a plan and are working it. The ship has been listless in the past, and hopefully, now, with the new ownership and front office, the course is set and headed towards the New World.

Great pick up!

Cavs get Larry Hughes for 5 years!

Did you know

Some may know, some may not. So I thought I’d toot by own horn a bit.

The official Cavs site uses the logos and uniforms that i drew for cavshistory.
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Down to 6!

After a long, long struggle… somebody else actually found a pic of Darren Tillis. Apparently the old Cleveland State standout is now a coach at TSU and that’s where a submitter (who goes by the name of “ferryisgod”) found it and sent it to me.


Now I only have 6 players without pics.