James (almost) sets All-Star Voting Record

Hard to believe but an Ohioan, playing in Cleveland has set the record for most votes ever for the NBA All-Star Game. James received a ridiculous 2,558,278 votes.

All this after all we hear is “he’s gotta go to LA or Chicago or NY to be popular. Seems like he’s doing just fine to me.

(UPDATE: I have updated this post because, James’ total is actually second all time to Yao’s total from last year)

LeBron Can Jump High

Added the vid of LBJ’s big dunk against Philly back in November on the videos page.

Blog Update

Guys, I have upgraded our blog from Blogger Beta to Blogger V1.x
This means lots of new features (like better history organization, tagging and other stuff).
But, to use all of this stuff, this means that I have to rewrite the stylesheet (ugh). So, bear with me while I struggle through it.