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2010-2011 Cavs



Game 1 Tonight – Go Cavs

The Celts made Miami look bad last night.  Lets see how our Cavs do.

Only real other story is weather or not Mo or Ramon will Start.

Will add stats after the game to “officially” get the new players added to CavsHistory.

How to Keep Up With the Cavs This Year

The season starts Wednesday, here’s my advice on who and what to follow this upcoming year to keep up on your Cavs.


  • RealCavsFans – The merger of “Numbers Don’t Lie” and RealCavsFans give you both a strong editorial blog and what I think is the best Cavs fan forum on the web.  I am NOT a fan of CavFanatic. Great sites, I know the dudes that run it and they have a great user experience there.
  • WaitingForNextYear – Great editorial blog. I am especially a fan Of Scott’s writing
  • Fear the Sword – Great up and comer site.  John has tons of contact and has grown by leaps and bounds as an editorial blogger
  • CavsWitness – Forgive Eric for the name of his blog.  He’s a good dude.

News Outlets.

  • Plain Dealer – I’m going to miss Windy.  But I like MSB and liked her Cavs coverage before Windy joined the PD anyways.  I’m not a big Pluto fan, but oh well.
  • (AB Journal) – Jason Lloyd has great coverage, pre LeBron I’d say that the ABJ may have had better Cavs coverage then even the PD (as we are a Browns town I guess).
  • News Herald – Bob Finnan is a great writer and keeps up with the Cavs almost daily.

Twitter (non-cavs):

  • Bob Finnan -@BobCavsinsider
  • Mary Schmidt Boyer – @PDCavsInsider
  • Jason Lloyd – @ABJCavsInsider
  • RealCavsFans – @realcavsfans
  • Scott at WFNY – @WFNYScott
  • John at FearTheSword – @FearTheSword
  • Eric at CavsWitness – @CavsWITNESS

Twitter (Cavs Players)

  • Mo Williams @mogotti2
  • Samardo Samuels @samardo24
  • Daniel Gibson @1BooByD_Gibson
  • Leon Powe @Leon_Powe
  • Anthony Parker @AMP1808
  • Christian Eyenga @christeyenga8
  • Manny Harris @313Mannyharris (thx to @RCFaction)

And of course: @CavsDan

LeBron Releases the Most Self-Absorbed Commercial in History

Apparently, he’s the victim.

LeBron, in your own words: “GET OVER IT”.  I have.


MSB Reports JJ Gets the Starting Spot Anyway

After PO’ing coach Scott over the last few games by not “getting” the offense down and with the threat of losing out on his starting spot, Scott went ahead and named J.J. as the starter and veteran Antawn Jamison will be coming off the bench.

J.J. Drives His Way to Starter

MSB from the PD reports:

INDEPENDENCE — Just four days after calling out J.J. Hickson for his lack of focus in the Cavaliers final pre-game game, coach Byron Scott named Hickson his starter at power forward for Wednesday’s regular-season opener against the Boston Celtics at The Q.

That means veteran Antawn Jamison will be coming off the bench.

Scott said Hickson responded with strong practices over the weekend. Meanwhile, he thinks a bench headlined by Jamison and Daniel Gibson will be a strength for the Cavs.”

Last Preseason Game Today in CBUS


Last Preseason Game

Tonight is the last game before the regular season starts next week.  Look to see a lot of weird lineups, as the Cavs hope to finish what was a surprisingly strong preseason.


The New Booby (not Boobie)

The New Booby

The Old Boobie

One thing that has really stood out this offseason (and preseason) is the evolution of Daniel Gibson. The most obvious is that apparently we had it all wrong and its “Shoot BOOBY, Shoot” not “Shoot Boobie, shoot”. For some reason, the redefinition of Boobie to Booby may be more that just a “IE” to a “Y”. Daniel Gibson is now married and a father. He came into the league as a baby-faced marksmen, but showed up to the 2010 camp “sleaved up” with tats and pushing the issue in the preseason by getting to the line and driving the ball. All of this things lead me to believe that the once quiet Boobie, living in the shadow of LeBron stardom and being a heads down team player has seen the loss of LBJ and the getting out from under the Mike Brown offense as the opportunity of his NBA career. Once willing to spot up behind the arc and not give any sound bytes has taken the new world of Byron as coach as an opportunity to stretch his legs both on and off the court.

He’s now an active and quite vocal twitterer (@1BooByD_Gibson) and is speaking his mind, even predicting a win vs. Miami (see the article here).

The biggest thing I’ve noticed about him is him “getting it”. i.e. what it takes to be adored by Cleveland fans (something the departed LBJ didn’t ever get).  He’s proud to be on the team (using the Cavs slogan of  “All for one, one for all” often, in both interviews and tweets) and openly rooting for the Indians and Browns.

In other words:  I think he’s all grown up.

I don’t think he’ll start, but as a combo guard with dead-eye aim and a renewed freedom to hand the ball and the full endorsment of the new coach, Booby just might be the sleeper star off the bench on this team in 2010-11.

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New Home Unis in Action

Samardo rockin’ the new Homes


Samardo Drives



First Pics of New Road Unis in Action

Really loving the new jerseys, but the stylized “c-sword” looks out of place.  I betcha that goes away in the next couple years.


Ramon in new Roads