LeBron will adorn the hood of Bobby Labonte’s car for the 2005 Sharpee 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

Check out the article about it at ESPN

I almost got a little teary eye'd listening to this.

Just found THIS on the internet, Michael Stanley’s awesome late ’80s/early ’90s Cavs them song:
Tonight’s the Night (Hard Workin’ Town Hard Workin’ Team)

Man that song rocks… seriously, I love it.

So, visit the audio page and jam to the other tunes we got up there too.

Kinda Ugly, no?

This is the proposed logo for the “Q”.

Usher doesn’t approve.

Cavs Press Conference

The Cavs officially introduced Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall this afternoon at a press conference at Q-Lo Arena. Larry says Lebron was recruiting him throughout the year and Marshall says it doesn’t matter if he starts or comes of the bench. Mike Brown seems stoked to have a defensive player the quality of Larry.

Check out the video: Press Conference.

Gund Arena name change

No, it didn’t convert to Islam, but the Gund Arena will be going by a new name. The Cavs and Quicken Loans have worked out an agreement to give the naming writes of the building to the biggest on-line mortgage company. Quicken Loans Arena, or “The Q” for short, will be the new home of the Cavaliers. PD article.

Works for me. I’ll still probably call it the Gund for the next few years, but “The Quicks”, “The Q”, “The Q.L.A.”, “Q-Lo” “The Raymond Usher III Dance Emporium” are all ok with me.