Cavs Introduce New Gold Home Alternates

On September 11th the Cavaliers announced the addition of their new Home Gold Jerseys.

For a jersey fanatic like myself and also for someone who loves the wine and gold, knowing I’ll get to see my Cavs sporting home gold is darned near a dream come true.

Something must have happened between the 80’s and present-day the made the Lakers the only team allowed to have a home jersey that wasn’t white.  The Warriors added an alt gold as well and it sure is good to see the Cavs followed suit.

My only gripe is that the Jersey says “CAVS” and not “Cavaliers”

Its been added to the Jersey page and has a page of its own here.

Here are some pics to enjoy (Below)

Home Gold

AC With Home Gold

AC with Home Gold Shorts


You can buy them already from the Cavs here