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Gibson and Wife Show off Tats in Urban Ink

Keyshia Cole and Booby Urban Ink

Keyshia Cole and Booby Urban Ink

Mo Traded for B-Diddy/Unc 1st rd Pick



Point blank. We need draft picks. No way around it.

My Favorite "Mo"ment

My Favorite "Mo"ment

But its hard seeing Mo go. Mo wanted to be in CLE and he took LBJ leaving harder than most Clevelanders. Because of that and his famous tweets, he really got a good fan base in CLE. If you say the right things and play on one of our sports teams, we rally behind you. He was a great fit in that respect. What makes this easier is he has been out with injuries a lot this year, so we’ve been almost prepping for what this would feel like.

So we get B-Diddy the Beard. Unquestionable All-Star potential talent… but has had probs with Coach Scott and has been accused of having motivation issues. So far, he has said “all the right things” publicly about the trade.  Even though I live in LA, pretty much all new highlights are the Blake show… so I have to be honest, I don’t even know what Baron’s game is like these days

Jamario was included in the trade as well.  He has had a very odd season, beginning as a starter, then relegated to the bench, then lately being a solid contributor.  But no doubt, he’s an athletic, constantly positive guy.  He should do well off the bench in LA.


Goosie Gone to LA

The goosie is gone.  Long live the Beard

Good Luck to Gibson Tonight

Check the Cavs.com article

Go Cavs :)

Mobarak Steps Down… Mo Back Tonight (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Coincidence? I think not!


Mobarack: Cavs Fan

Mobarack: Cavs Fan











Look for Mo to suit up tonight vs. the mighty Blake. Prolly won’t start tho.


Mo Back: Cavs Guard

Mo Back: Cavs Guard




2011 CavFanatic Jersey Page Added

No idea why it took me so long to add this page (other than it was a pain in the ass to draw).  But here it is: the 2010-2011 CavFanatic Jersey.


2011 CavFanatic

2011 CavFanatic

So, its basically a mashup of the 2005-2010 Alternate Jerseys with the 90’s Jersey’s colors. Enjoy.

All the Jerseys are here

Times are Tough: 25 Straight

Hard to believe we’ve set the all-time losing streak at 25 and climbing.  I still feel like this team is a winner and its just a bad dream.

The good:  Its a fact that its tougher to be mediocre and slowly climb to contention than bottoming out and rebuilding.

The bad: I feel horrible for Antawn Jamison.  Really good player in his last years who deserves to be on a contender and is relegated to the scenario.  I feel worse for Coach Scott.  He got handed the keys to a potential champion only to be coaching what is undoubtably pride crushing season.

The middle:  Harris and Eyenga might actually be NBA caliber players.  And J.J. is starting to play better.

Update: No Update

Hope you are all weathering the storm (both the literal storm and the figurative storm of losses).

No updates lately, sorry for that.  But almost done with the hideous CavFanatic page for this year.  Gross jersey or not, I hope they continue this tradition.  I kindof like it.