TrueHoop Thinks Z is Elite!

The awesome blog of TrueHoop (now part of gave Z some props (and a dig) today.

“Despite his hairline, Zydrunas Ilgauskas is an elite NBA player, and has also been one of Cleveland’s most reliable crunch time scorers for a long time. It killed me to see him left on the bench for the final play. (By the way, remember that crazy play in the first half where a referee, trying to be helpful, let Larry Hughes re-shoot a free throw he had made? Then he missed? You can’t get tangled in these kinds of hypotheticals, they’re a big waste of time, but in theory if that hadn’t happened then Cleveland would have only been down one on that last play, and I bet you Ilgauskas would have ended up with a look at a 17-footer to win instead of Marshall’s three from the corner.)”

Cavs in Eastern Conference Finals

Not since 1992 have the Cavs gotten this far. Just four years and one superstar seperate the Cavs from the basement of the NBA and being an elite, top-four team in the league.

Its hard to remember how bad it was… but it was.

Ricky Davis was our #1 and Z was hurt. We had the Zoo Crew (Gatling and Tractor). But we didn’t win

Now, this group can be held up against the Miracle Team of 1976

And with the GREAT, well rounded team of Nance, Price, Daugherty, Ehlo and Hotrod (Ferry was there too!)

Your kids will talk about this team 15 years from now like I am talking about those special teams. It feels good to be a Cavs fan!

Now Detroit awaits… lets go get ’em guys!

LeBron 2nd Team All-NBA (My Comments)

I very rarely have an opinion on this site (that is Crunch’s department). I view this site as a historical repository of Cavs stuff. There are lots of Cavs sites (blogs, forums, etc…) where people let off steam and state their theories about Cavaliers junk in general. So, I try and keep out of it.
1. because my command of the written word is bad
2. because… who cares what I think?

But, for the first time, I’m going to comment.

LeBron not being on the All-NBA 1st team is bullsh*t (sorry kids).

First off, he has the same amount of total votes as Amare (who isn’t a center) at 494. BUT, he has almost DOUBLE the amount of first team votes (64 to 36) of Amare (who, again, is NOT a center).

Basketball is not Baseball. Its not like position players make a whole hell of a difference. i.e. it wouldn’t make sense to vote a pitcher into a catchers position. But having designated positions based on your listed position from the previous year (yes, that’s how they do it) to be elligible for a slot is just stupid. So, with that in mind… shoehorning Amare (THE FORWARD) in at center is stupid, too. Hell, Duncan is a center. The only one that won’t admit it is the position listing.

LeBron again put up numbers that only Oscar could muster. His team hit 50 wins for the second straight year. Second best record in the East, on and on.

Flat out, he has different standards imposed on him than other players do (Like Jordan for example. Remember when he was dominant EVERY year but they gave the MVP to the Mailman twice seemingly just to break up the monotony? That was bull, too). LBJ puts up 27-7-6 AGAIN, but because before the season everyone EXPECTED 30-8-8 he “fell short”. Well he didn’t. He was the man when it counted. But, once again, the hype and the hate hurt him.

I know James mailed it in during some games in the middle of the season. Everyone admits that. But he never got the chance to catch eight ‘oops a game from Nash either. Dragging a team through the defence intensive east for 80 games AND scoring and passing against triple teams every night can wear a dude out. So “dogging it” he has the best statistical season in the NBA… again. Where’s the props votes? Oh… that’s right. They are out West.

I get so uptight about this because it hits me where it hurts… STATS. That’s what this site is about. Making stats (points, rebounds, VOTES!) available to the common Cavs fan. And by slighting him of his earned historical significance of being a life 1st teamer is crap.

Regardless, its in the books and its part of CavsHistory now. I’ll update the site in a day or two when I get the formatting right.

Three ESPN LeBron Videos Added

Just threw up three LBJ ESPN commercials

Chair Switch


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