TrueHoop Thinks Z is Elite!

The awesome blog of TrueHoop (now part of gave Z some props (and a dig) today.

“Despite his hairline, Zydrunas Ilgauskas is an elite NBA player, and has also been one of Cleveland’s most reliable crunch time scorers for a long time. It killed me to see him left on the bench for the final play. (By the way, remember that crazy play in the first half where a referee, trying to be helpful, let Larry Hughes re-shoot a free throw he had made? Then he missed? You can’t get tangled in these kinds of hypotheticals, they’re a big waste of time, but in theory if that hadn’t happened then Cleveland would have only been down one on that last play, and I bet you Ilgauskas would have ended up with a look at a 17-footer to win instead of Marshall’s three from the corner.)”