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Kyrie Irving Lends His Acting Talents to an ESPN Commercial

I found this over at WFNY (link) – Thought it was funny and I wanted to share.

While looking through the couch cushions on the bus, they accidentally find where Kyrie has been hiding

NBA on ESPN – Shaking the Couch Cushions on the RV

Z Tribute Week: Dramatic Z


Z Tribute Week: Z Gets Drafted

Z Tribute Week: A Young Z Gets Interviewed

McLovin’ Goes to Dallas… via Cleveland

Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plasse (or as I call him, Christopher “The Red Mist” Mintz-Plasse) does a pretty funny promo for to promote the 2010 All-Star Game.  “HotWad” Wiliams and Boobie get some good run, and of course LBJ is in it.

B.I.N.G.O. Spells H.O.R.S.E.

Back in the ’70s, the NBA tried to create their own kind of player celeb tourney a la the old Home Run Derby tourney’s the MLB had back in the day.

Found this video of Cavs legend Bobby “Bingo” Smith participating in the game back in 1978 vs. Doug Collins.

I can’t help but notice how great of a pure shooter Bingo was.  He makes short work of Collins with just basic jump shots.

Smith’s #7 was retired by the Cavs on December 4th, 1979