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Cavs Introduce Nike “Statement” Black Jerseys

Cavs introduced their 3rd of four new jerseys for the 2017-18 season. A black jersey with stripes that look a bit like a car tire. They are said to salute the Black Sleeved jerseys that the Cavavliers wore when they won their first championship.

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JR models new kit

Cavs Announce Association and Icon Jerseys

Starting with the new Nike Jersey deal, the Cavs have announced the first two of four jerseys. Instead of traditional home whites and road color, they will now have “Association” (white) and “Icon” (primary color) jerseys.

Nike Association Jersey

Nike Icon Jersey

We keep track of this stuff here

Its Media Day!

Today is Cavs Media day.

I’ll be posting pictures as I get em

Cavs in New Gold Home Uniforms

Daniel Gibson

Alozo and Mr. Cavalier

Daniel Gibson

Dion Waiters


Kyrie and Dion



Cavs Introduce New Gold Home Alternates

On September 11th the Cavaliers announced the addition of their new Home Gold Jerseys.

For a jersey fanatic like myself and also for someone who loves the wine and gold, knowing I’ll get to see my Cavs sporting home gold is darned near a dream come true.

Something must have happened between the 80’s and present-day the made the Lakers the only team allowed to have a home jersey that wasn’t white.  The Warriors added an alt gold as well and it sure is good to see the Cavs followed suit.

My only gripe is that the Jersey says “CAVS” and not “Cavaliers”

Its been added to the Jersey page and has a page of its own here.

Here are some pics to enjoy (Below)

Home Gold

AC With Home Gold

AC with Home Gold Shorts


You can buy them already from the Cavs here

New CavFanatics, So I made a new Page

2012 CavFanatic

So the new CavFanatics Jersey (kit as the futbol folks call it) had their debut yesterday vs. the Knickerbockers… and they are again a combination of colors that were never meant to be together.

Its page lives here

The jersey page is here

The breakdown: They look to be a combo of the 1987-1994 “Price Era” jerseys and the present day Uni’s. The 80’s blue with the modern rendition of wine and gold.  What I thought really looked good is the bringing back of the CAVS on the front.  I don’t think we should ever go back to CAVS on our primary home uni, but I like the idea of it on the alternate.  If it gets a good response, we could see it used again once we are allowed to introduce an alternate jersey next year (league makes you wait 2 years after changing your jerseys before you can introduce an alt).

Kyrie in CavFanatic

Verdict:  All in all, they are OK I guess.  Not great, but not bad.
Definitely not as bad as last years abomination or even the originals.

The whole CavFanatic jersey thing is a weird thing.  Is the organization going to end up with a hundred different jerseys?  At this rate they will.  We are already up to 30 (THIRTY?!?!?) jerseys in the history of the organization (actually 31 if you count the one game they did Miracle Jersey throwbacks in 1997).

So anyways, yeah.  I already ordered mine (rocking an Irving #2).  It’ll be here next week.

Go Cavs


Joe Haden is Awesome (via the Dugout Sports Show)

Check the link

Please note that is TWO games he’s come dressed in a full Cavs uniform.  If anybody gets how to be loved by CLE fans, its this dude.

Joe Haden

Joe Haden

2011 CavFanatic Jersey Page Added

No idea why it took me so long to add this page (other than it was a pain in the ass to draw).  But here it is: the 2010-2011 CavFanatic Jersey.


2011 CavFanatic

2011 CavFanatic

So, its basically a mashup of the 2005-2010 Alternate Jerseys with the 90’s Jersey’s colors. Enjoy.

All the Jerseys are here

You Can Now Buy the Home Authentics ($280)

They look awesome, but that is a lot of scratch

Buy them here.


Home White Authentic



New Home Unis in Action

Samardo rockin’ the new Homes


Samardo Drives



First Pics of New Road Unis in Action

Really loving the new jerseys, but the stylized “c-sword” looks out of place.  I betcha that goes away in the next couple years.


Ramon in new Roads