Cavs in Eastern Conference Finals

Not since 1992 have the Cavs gotten this far. Just four years and one superstar seperate the Cavs from the basement of the NBA and being an elite, top-four team in the league.

Its hard to remember how bad it was… but it was.

Ricky Davis was our #1 and Z was hurt. We had the Zoo Crew (Gatling and Tractor). But we didn’t win

Now, this group can be held up against the Miracle Team of 1976

And with the GREAT, well rounded team of Nance, Price, Daugherty, Ehlo and Hotrod (Ferry was there too!)

Your kids will talk about this team 15 years from now like I am talking about those special teams. It feels good to be a Cavs fan!

Now Detroit awaits… lets go get ’em guys!