Not this $%^* again

Every where I click, listen or read pundits are lining up to opine about Lebron going to New York or Brooklyn or New Jersey or anywhere but Cleveland. Granted, LeBron is fueling the fire by waxing so eloquently about those destinations, but to read into everything the man says is pointless. We’re two years away from any decision and the Cavs management is definitely on the clock, but so many things can change while NY waits for him to save their basketball lives.

Kelly Dwyer blogged precisely about this yesterday over at the BDL. He acknowledged LeBron’s and the Cavs situation and asked his fellow writers to place a moratorium on writing about LeBrons not so impending free agency.

Well fodder is fodder and so many can’t help themselves. We Cavs fans need to develop a tougher skin and bring facts to the arguement, not just emotion and fervor.

Some facts:
-Cleveland can offer more money and years to LeBron in terms of contract.
-Since the CBA was created, no player offered a max contract has left his orginal team to take less money. Not even Shaq, despite what Terry Pluto has writen and said. This is just not how the NBA works. A player either forces his way out by demanding a sign and trade or gets his money and dogs it until he’s traded.
-Over YaySports The Cavalier has some much more entertaining thoughts to combat the naysayers.

Take a deep breath and don’t let the pundits or internet trolls get you worked up, we’ll get through this and then we can wait for it all to start again in 2016.