Larry Hughes would not win the batting title

Over at Yahoo! Sports Kelly Dwyer is blogging and has an interesting perspective about Larry Hughes. We have to admit, we were pretty psyched when Hughes signed and looked forward to big things. We even considered purchasing a Hughes jersey. Good thing we didn’t. That would have been more embarrassing than the Charlie Frye jersey hanging in our closet. Talk about hitching our wagon to the wrong horse.

Obviously, the Hughes experiment hasn’t worked out, but we’re getting to the point where its just piling on to mention the monumental failure this has become. We get it, he doesn’t fit with this team.

Is that a camera or a phone clipped to that lady’s bikini bottom? Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

  • By dcass, January 22, 2008 @ 5:18 pm

    My vote is that its some sort of bikini fanny pack. Gotta put your car keys somewhere.

    As for Larry. I dunno. He says the right stuff and has talent. His D still helps.

    The one thing that we always overlook (or is overshadowed) is: When he starts as our point guard, WE WIN. We are now 10 of the last 12 with four straight including a big one over the Spurs. We’re only six behind the Pistons (we were at 12.5 back at one point). I’m just sayin’…

  • By Crunch, January 23, 2008 @ 7:28 pm

    Good points Dcass, the end can justify the means. However, this isn’t what I expected when Larry was signed. He was supposed to be the Robin to Lebron’s Batman (cliche alert), not the defacto PG. I guess that can be a credit to Larry and his talent.

    In my opinion, it has come to a point where the Cavs are making the best out of a bad situation.

  • By dcass, January 23, 2008 @ 7:30 pm


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