Playoffs and awards

Eastern Semi-finals:
1.)Cleveland v. 4.)Chicago – Cleveland
2.)Detroit v. 3.)Miami – Detroit

Eastern Finals:
1.)Cleveland v. 2.)Detroit – Cleveland

Western Semi-finals:
1.)Phoenix v. 5.)Denver – Phoenix
2.)Dallas v. 3.)LAC – LAC

Western Finals:
2.)Dallas v. 3.)LAC – LAC

Cleveland v LAC – Cleveland

MVP: Lebron James

ROY: Adam Morrison

6th Man: Andreas Nocioni

Comeback Player: Amare Stoudemire

Most Improved: Mickael Pietrus

Defensive Player: Bruce Bowen

Coach: Mike Brown

1st Team All NBA: Kobe, Lebron, Dirk, Nash, Duncan

Looks good to me.

Season Predictions

It’s time to make some poor predictions for the upcoming NBA season.

Conference Records (wins) and 1st round match-ups and winners

Cleveland 54
Detroit 53
Chicago 49
Milwaukee 44
Indiana 44

New Jersey 49
Knicks 40
Toronto 36
Boston 34
Phila 31

Miami 53
Washington 46
Orlando 45
Charlotte 34
Atlanta 28

1.)Cleveland v. 8.)Milwaukee – Cleveland
2.)Detroit v. 7.)Orlando – Detroit
3.)Miami v. 6.)Washington – Miami
4.)Chicago v. 5.)NJ – Chicago



Denver 51
Utah 42
Minnesota 35
Seattle 34
Portland 31

Phoenix 55
LAC 53
LAL 45
Sacromento 40
Golden State 39

Dallas 53
San Antonio 52
Memphis 47
NOK 43
Houston 34

1.)Phoenix v. 8.)NOK – Phoenix
2.)Dallas v. 7.)LAL – Dallas
3.)LAC v. 6.)Memphis – LAC
4.)S.A. v. 8.)Denver – Denver

More to come later…

First two "The LeBrons Season 2" Commericials are posted

Click Here!

Click Here!

Or, if you’ve got all day, check ’em all out!

LeBron IV Marketing in Full Swing

Go to Nike to check the cool “The Lebrons 2” feature.

LBJ ESPN Magazine Cover #4

Thought the topic was interesting: “Is LeBron MEAN enough to get a championship” but the article was fluff basically.

Check out the cover here on the magazine covers’ page.

9 LeBron Videos Added

In the current issue of SLAM Magazine (the one with either Amare or Big Ben on the Cover)

There is a free LeBron DVD included with lots of cool stuff. So i added the vids from it to the Nike Year Four page of The LeBron Phenomenon section.

Or, just check em here:

Interview with Athlete LeBron
Interview with Wise LeBron
Interview with Kid LeBron
Interview with All Business LeBron
Behind the Scenes of "The LeBrons" 2
Interview with Ken Link LeBron IV Shoe Designer
First Reactions on the Air Zoom LeBron IV
St. Vincent / St. Mary on LeBron
Akron, Ohio on LeBron

Not so special

I was wondering if SI would have a different cover for different regions.

update – found Dwayne Wade’s cover

Stephen Graham got cut

Cleveland, Oct. 24 – The Cleveland Cavaliers have waived guard/forward Stephen Graham. The roster stands at 16 players.

that is all

SI Cover Number 6 (and a half)

LeBron graces the cover of Sports Illustrated for the 6th time (7 if you count the “all the covers” one).

Look at ’em all here

Guided By Voices and the Cavs:

In the city of Dayton, Bob and Jim Pollard were legendary athlete’s. Bob once threw a no hitter for Wright State University. Jim received a full ride to play basketball at Arizona State, unfortunately knee injuries derailed his career. Combined, no other rocker/rapper/opera singer could beat them on the court or on the stage. Some of their songs could even fit for some of this years Cavs team:

Eric Snow – Bulldog Skin

Larry Hughes – My Kind of Soldier

Z – I am Tree

Drew Gooden – Blimps Go 90

Lebron – Motor Away