Big Brad likes Cars

I came across this blog post from (Here’s the full story)

Our long lost Cavs legend has a new gig this upcoming year. He is going to be a NASCAR commentator.

Here is’s blurb:
Who would have thought that former Cavaliers center Brad Daugherty would become the first full-time African-American NASCAR commentator? Not me. Then again, Brad always has been a little unpredictable.

Upon further review, Daugherty has had his hand in the sport for the past 20 years, owning race teams in the Busch and Craftsman Truck Series as well as being a member of the rules and competition committee.

Daugherty will join the ESPN NASCAR crew in 2007. He’ll host the NASCAR Pit Studio Show, which will provide pre- and post-race coverage as well as segments during the race.

Good for Hooch. Now, just come to the Q so we can honor you. I don’t know where it started but you and the Cavs need to bury the hatchet.