LBJ's Rookie Summer Shoe

I just dug this up and put it on the site.

A cool little advertisement for the Air Zoom Generation Low from the summer between LeBron’s rookie and sopohmore years.
You can check it out here.

Its part of my ongoing documentation of the LeBron Phenomenon available on the Miscellaneous page.

Varejao gets tough

All summer we’ve been hearing that the Cavs need an enforcer on the inside. That the current frontline is too soft. Maybe not, allow us to submit this video as exhibit “A”. Check out Andy jackin’ some dude in his face. Apparently, he broke the guys jaw.

Also, it appears that Varejao has Anderson on the back of his jersey. Is he going Nene on us?


Most of us loved the “Miracle Year” throwbacks from two years ago, and it looks like they are going for it again. But, this time (according to LBJ, Z and company will be sporting World B. Free era throwbacks. Check it out (its the last article before the comments)!

The Throwback:

The Logo:

You may now search

Well, I added a search function to the Players page (its between the sword and the letters).

You can search by Name, Number and Position for now (more to come).

Go ahead, search for Mitchell Butler!

the Management

LeBron IV's Confirmed (although we all knew it already)

Over at LeBron Talk (a website that I subscribe to and is quite cool if you are as obsessive about LBJ as me), they are linking this pic:

(the pic is from the NT)

So those ARE the IVs that have been floating around the web, so… yeah. We saw ’em back in like April.

The other good thing is it looks like they may actually wear the Wine colored uni’s again someday (all blue in the playoffs was a little overkill if you ask me)

Mini Z is out… another guard is in

Eddie Basden is now a Cav

but we had to trade somebody to get him, and that means that our favorite stringbean in gone. Happy trails Marty we barely knew ya, enjoy eating Ben Wallace’s HUGE elbows in practice everyday (remember what that did to Darko).

We gots a weirdo

We welcome Scot Pollard, the new big guy to the team.
Scoty’s not known for being “sane” or an offensive juggernaut, but he should play solid D and hustle a la the Wild Thing.

We could have a very irritating defense next year (for other teams, I’ll love it)

Drew Gooden resigns

Drew Gooden and trade rumors will continue to swirl for three more years. Drew signed a 3yr/$23 million contract extension with the Cavs, thus cementing his future as the player most fans will mention when they want the Cavs to make a trade. Forums and Kenny Roda’s show are already lighting up with potential deals proposed by delusional fanatics.

Signing Drew is a good thing for the Cavs. First, they retain the service of a talented, yet sometimes focus-challenged, power forward who proved he’s a team player. Second, Drew is capable of having a huge game once every three weeks, whether the Cavs win is another questions. C, Lebron Love Levitation. And finally, the contract does not break the bank, allows the Cavs to remain flexible and comes off the books before the big free agent class of 2010.

It’s not like trade rumors are unprecedented for Drew, he has bounced around during his 4yr NBA career.

Damon Jones owns a house

The always stylish and equally chatty Damon Jones had a chance to give a tour of his home to MTV. Nothing to special about Damon’s digs. Walls, stairs, carpet and furniture pretty much fill up the whole place. He’s got a movie theater, but is that really a big deal anymore?

His cars are where it’s at, all three of them. It’s a toss up whether his house or cars are worth more.

Damon showing off his Flippity Floppity Flu to MTV Cribs

Reghi at his finest

with some help from Lebron, of course.

Lebron puts an exclamation point on a victory over San Antonio
Lebron’s Top 10 of the 05-06 season
And 1 versus Utah
Lebron loves levitation

Plus, the goofy, funny and “wild” side of Reghi, along with his partner Scott Williams.