Drew Gooden resigns

Drew Gooden and trade rumors will continue to swirl for three more years. Drew signed a 3yr/$23 million contract extension with the Cavs, thus cementing his future as the player most fans will mention when they want the Cavs to make a trade. Forums and Kenny Roda’s show are already lighting up with potential deals proposed by delusional fanatics.

Signing Drew is a good thing for the Cavs. First, they retain the service of a talented, yet sometimes focus-challenged, power forward who proved he’s a team player. Second, Drew is capable of having a huge game once every three weeks, whether the Cavs win is another questions. C, Lebron Love Levitation. And finally, the contract does not break the bank, allows the Cavs to remain flexible and comes off the books before the big free agent class of 2010.

It’s not like trade rumors are unprecedented for Drew, he has bounced around during his 4yr NBA career.

  • By dcass, August 14, 2006 @ 7:55 pm

    absolutely a good move. no prob at all with drew. plus three years plus with LBJ will definately help with chemistry.

    drew has found a home it seems.

    btw. you are correct. it does seem as if LeBron does in fact, love levitation.

  • By Anonymous, August 24, 2006 @ 3:09 pm

    not only is cleveland becoming a great talent as team,they,re one of the best looking teams in the nba!lol!

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