Varejao, Barbosa promote charity game in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilians Anderson Varejao of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Leandro Barbosa of the Phoenix Suns have teamed up to promote a charity game with stars from the National Basketball Association.

Ray Allen NOT Being Charitable

Ray Allen NOT Being Charitable

Ray Allen NOT Being Charitable

Shawn Marion, Danny Granger, Drew Gooden, Keith Bogans and Coby Karl were some of the NBA players on court at the Maracanazinho gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. Cleveland coach Mike Brown also participated.

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The team called Friends of Leandrinho beat the Friends of Varejao 116-110.

Varejao also announced Sunday that he will soon feature as a comic book character for kids in Brazil.


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Cavs Still Going After Powe, Injury or Not?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Thinking outside the box and taking a managed risk, the Cavaliers are close to scoring what could be a key big-man addition to their roster.

Leon Powe On Da Tracks

Leon Powe On Da Tracks

According to a source, the Cavs have the framework of a contract completed with free agent forward Leon Powe. It could become official as early as Tuesday, when Powe is expected to come to Cleveland to meet with team doctors.

Powe is in the middle of recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee and may not be able to return until the All-Star Break. But the Cavs feel like he’s worth the wait.

The sides have been talking for weeks and were able to agree on a two-year contract, which will protect both sides. Powe will get a chance to rehab with a deal and the Cavs will be protected if he recovers as they apparently believe he will.

The 6-8 three-year veteran averaged 7.7 points and 4.9 rebounds for the Celtics last season. He proved valuable when Kevin Garnett went down with injury and played an important role until he suffered the injury during the playoffs.

The Celtics could have kept Powe’s rights, but they declined to make him a qualifying offer in June because he’s had several injuries to the left ACL. They had hoped to be able to re-sign him when he was healthy, but the Cavs were able to put together a more attractive offer.

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New CavsHistory!

If you are reading this, then you probably realize that you are at the New  The rest of the pages will be migrated to this format in the next couple of weeks.

in the meantime, please visit  All the stuff is still there and v2 will remain there for perpetuity because I’m sentimental.


Mo Williams as “Fog Raw” in the new Nike Hyperizers Commercial

LeBron’s MTAG Tour Shout Out

Site Outage this Weekend / Upgrade Announcement

Hi loyal CavsFans,

This weekend the old site (the current one) will be moved to the URL and there will be a brief site outage. This is to make way for the beta testing of the new site (if you want to be a beta tester email me at or msg me a

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Be patient with us, there will be bugs and hiccups.  But I guarantee the new format will be a pleasant experience and will hold up better against the upcoming LeBron/Shaq-led title run as well as the impending LeBron free-agent-to-be craziness.

Go Cavs

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Unveiled

Nike Air Max LeBron  VII WebCast Announcement Nike and NBA MVP LeBron James hosted a press event in Akron, Ohio, from the Ed Davis Community Center where LeBron played as a youth, to discuss their latest, innovative design collaboration — the Nike Air Max LeBron VII. This officially unveiled the Nike Air Max LeBron VII, Nike’s first performance basketball shoe with a full-length Max Air cushioning system. LeBron answered questions from the webcast audience in real time. Nike Performance Footwear Designer Jason Petrie also participated in the presentation, with SNL comedian Kenan Thompson acting as host. To accommodate the world’s media from any location around the globe, the event was webcasted.
Nike Air Max LBJ VII Teaser Image

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Teaser Image

Nike Air Max LBJ VII Live WebCast

Nike Air Max LeBron VII WeBcast

Lebron Speaks

Whenever Lebron speaks, or doesn’t, it creates some sort media storm. He finally broke his summer silence and spoke about a number topics. The topics include “dunk-gate”, “handshake-gate”, “Shaq-gate” and “future contact and staying in Cleveland-gate. ”

I’m too lazy to really dig and try and find the article (I’m mean I clicked on one link and it wasn’t there, what do you want from me?), plus I’m not sure if its even available.  Besides, the genius that is J.E. Skeets over at “Ball Don’t Lie” has the perfect wrap.

Check it:;_ylt=AlsxJpnSxtUZ8vr_SSMSREY5nYcB?urn=nba,181361

My favorite part, Lebron talks in the third person.  I’m looking forward to more of this.

Anyway, I’m Crunch and I used to post in parts awhile back.  Took a sabatical and now I’m back to add commentary and kill time at work.

Looks Like no Bowen?


He uses his feet to defend

He uses his feet to defend

The Cavaliers have been rumored as a suitor for Bruce Bowen, but they are unlikely to sign him, according to a source.

They still have their $2 million bi-annual exception at their disposal, but they are not committed to using it this season.

I don’t mind this, even on the cheap.  We are overloaded at the 2 as it is.

Hot Sauce in Mah Bag

The guys over at LeBron2010 have been blowing up lately.  Whether getting shoutouts on Jim Rome or just making awesome T-Shirts.

Well they made another. Personally, this one is even funnier

Hot Sauce in Mah Bag

Hot Sauce in Mah Bag

If you don’t get the joke, you should google it and figure it out, its worth it.

p.s. this post officially debuts the “Delonte” tag.