Updated End of Season Awards

Added the awards for the 2007-2008 regular season. LeBron came in fourth in MVP voting and made his second first team All-NBA. Check it out here.

2007-2008 in the Books

I finally got to updating the stats for the year. Pretty eventful year it was, too. LeBron became all-time leading scorer and only 2nd behind Price for assists. Big Z became all-time leader in personal fouls as well.

Playoff stats will be updated after each round. Hopefully, that’s a lot.

LeBron James is the Cleveland Cavaliers' All-Time Leading Scorer

On March 21st, 2008, at 23 years old, LeBron James passed Brad Daugherty to be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ All-Time Leading Scorer.

Brad had a great career, but due to severe back issues he was forced to end his career at only 28.

So, cheer for LeBron. He is now officially the face of the franchise (probably forever). But also have a toast to Brad Daugherty, a classy player and person who was part of one of the best eras ever in Cavs History.

The Franchise

Just got done reading “The Franchise” by Brian Windhorst and Terry Pluto. Great book for some insights that only two guys working the Cavs beat for five years could get. I especially liked the section about how Ferry was worried how his time as a Cavs play could both effect his role as a Cavs GM both positively and negatively (also some great insight into Ferry’s playing days).

In addition, I think its the perfect sequel to another Cavs book I love “CAVS: From Fitch to Fratello” by Joe Menzer and Burt Graeff. There is a little overlap between the two, but its not a rehash.

So pick it up. I’m a huge fan if Windhorst’s writing and maybe if you all buy one he can afford a Porsche or something. Since I moved to LA from Cleveland (i.e. I don’t get the Plain Dealer anymore and have to rely on the internet for news) I pretty much only read Brian’s stuff for Cavs’ news.

Check out other books featuring LeBron here

Added Lance Allred

Lance got to play under one minute the other day, so that makes him officially a Cav. I have added him to the site.

LeBron Has Been Busy Getting His Picture Taken

LeBron is now gracing three major magazine covers at once.

ESPN the Magazine chose LeBron as the cover manfor their 10th anniversary issue to represent the Next 10 years.

SLAM Magazine has him on the cover for an article about three aspects of his life: Personal, Basketball and Business.

Probably coolest of all, LBJ is on the cover of Vogue… with Giselle. He is only the third man to be on the cover of the magazine in its 116 year history.

Check out all of the magazine covers here

LeBron Passes Austin Carr

At just 23 years old, LeBron James has past the legendary Austin Carr on the Cleveland Cavaliers All-Time Scoring List. As of last night, LeBron has 10,267 career points. Austin has 10,265.

Congrats to LeBron. He needs 122 more points to pass Brad Daugherty to become the All-Time Leading Scorer in Cavaliers History.

NBA Historical Site Beta

While poking around the internet I came across the Beta site for NBA historical data. They don’t have everyones picture up yet, but the site works really well. Check it out here

Google Search

  One the the top requests that I get for CavsHistory is that it be more searchable. It DOES have a search feature in the Players Section where you can search for a player by name, number or position. But it seems that either not a lot of people know about it or its just not that cool.

So, to respond to demand there is now a Google Search widget on the home page. The format is not finalized (need to get it to conform to the site layout a little better. It seems to work pretty good.

Use whichever is right for you.

– The Management

LeBron Drops 50 on Knicks, Almost Gets Accosted by Fan

LeBron went off in the second half of the Kicks game and ended up with 50p 8r 10a 4s. That’s a good night.

But, what made this blog worthy is some dude tried to “get him” in the fourth quarter at MSG

LBJ actually gave the dude some respect before security “escorted” him out.

The NY Daily News has it here.

ESPN has it here

(UPDATE: So according to reports, the kid who ran across the court and got to LeBron should LeBron’s hand and said he was a big fan. LeBron didn’t even flinch. He just said: “Thanks, What’s up?”

Here’s my thing, if a dude sprinted towards me, and I’m on the court, and I’m in NYC AND I’m a celeb like LBJ. I wouldn’t be saying “what’s up?” Guess he’s cool like that.)