LeBron Honored for Being Awesome

LBJ, player of the week for week ending 24th of Feb

LBJ, player of the month for month of Feb…

See it here

Two New D-Leaguers Joing the Fray

Please Welcome:

Kaniel Dickens

Billy Thomas

The Cavs signed these guys from the Colorado 14ers because they only have six active players for tonight. I don’t think these are 10 day contracts, but rather “call-ups.” Either way, they get to tell their kids they played with LeBron James.

Kaniel will be #45 and Billy #12

Very Big Trade

Welcome new to the Cavs!

Ben Wallace

Wally Szcerbiak

Joe Smith

Delonte West

On a sad note, we lose some guys that we have all come to root for.

Good luck to:
Drew, Donyell, Larry, Shannon, Ira and Cedric

LeBron is overlaughing

If you didn’t stay up to watch the Lebron-less Cavs take on the Sonics, you missed a humorous situation. Donyell Marshall’s jersey came off when he took his warm-up jacket off to enter the game. Kind of funny, probably embarrassing for Marshall, but Lebron was literally LOL-ing….in excess. Now, we laughed like this the first time we saw the sex scene in “Team America” or even the beans scene in “Blazing Saddles” when we were like 10, but this just didn’t strike us as that funny. Maybe because it was late.

LBJ is Player of the Month for Jan '08

We went 11-3 and he went nuts.

Check out the article here

If you are keeping score like I do, that makes six times he’s won the award. Check ’em all out here

Coach Brown is Coach of the Month for Jan '08

Here is the article.

To be honest, i didn’t even know they did coach of the month honors.

Z Should Go for 3

According to everyone, including NBA.com, Z should get his third trip to the all-star game this year. He is having a fantastic year, especially on the boards. On a personal note: I think Z is cool.

I think if he got this it should secure his number in the rafters of the Q. 11 years with the Cavs, 3 trips to the All-Star Game, one trip to the NBA Finals. (Again, I’m a big Z guy, so take this with a grain of salt)

LeBron an All-Star Starter Again

LBJ was voted to start in the All-Star game in the Big Easy. He got the 2nd most votes in the league with 2,108,831 (because the chowda-heads took care of their own giving Garnett 2,399,148). If you’re counting, that is four starts in a row.

Props to “Video Game” James

Oh Boy.

And you thought a hat freaked people out. Let the whinning, pissing and moaning begin.

For the record, I don’t care and I hate that this bothers people so much.

Larry Hughes would not win the batting title

Over at Yahoo! Sports Kelly Dwyer is blogging and has an interesting perspective about Larry Hughes. We have to admit, we were pretty psyched when Hughes signed and looked forward to big things. We even considered purchasing a Hughes jersey. Good thing we didn’t. That would have been more embarrassing than the Charlie Frye jersey hanging in our closet. Talk about hitching our wagon to the wrong horse.

Obviously, the Hughes experiment hasn’t worked out, but we’re getting to the point where its just piling on to mention the monumental failure this has become. We get it, he doesn’t fit with this team.

Is that a camera or a phone clipped to that lady’s bikini bottom? Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.