The Franchise

Just got done reading “The Franchise” by Brian Windhorst and Terry Pluto. Great book for some insights that only two guys working the Cavs beat for five years could get. I especially liked the section about how Ferry was worried how his time as a Cavs play could both effect his role as a Cavs GM both positively and negatively (also some great insight into Ferry’s playing days).

In addition, I think its the perfect sequel to another Cavs book I love “CAVS: From Fitch to Fratello” by Joe Menzer and Burt Graeff. There is a little overlap between the two, but its not a rehash.

So pick it up. I’m a huge fan if Windhorst’s writing and maybe if you all buy one he can afford a Porsche or something. Since I moved to LA from Cleveland (i.e. I don’t get the Plain Dealer anymore and have to rely on the internet for news) I pretty much only read Brian’s stuff for Cavs’ news.

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