1970-1974 Road Jersey

From 1970 to 1974, the Cavaliers wore gold at home and wine on the road. The word “Cavaliers” featured a feathered treatment of the letter “C” that runs beneath “avaliers” in Cavaliers. Around the collar and shoulders, three wine stripes outline the edge.

The road uniforms where an exact color oppisite

The shorts had three stripes along the waistband and from 1970 to the spring of 1972, a sword on the side of each leg with stripes running vertically on each side. The sword was removed from side of the leg starting with the fall of 1972 until the adoption of the 1974 “miracle” jerseys.

The logo used the words “Cleveland Cavaliers” written around a basketball, and featured the silhouette of a Cavalier figure thrusting a sword.

1970-1974 Home Jersey
Lenny Wilkins
Cavaliers Guard from 1972-1974