Cavs vs. Heat 3 (Baron to Start)

Cavs vs. Heat 3

Cavs vs. Heat 3

Its no longer a news story… but LeBron will visit the Cavs, and more importantly Cleveland, tonight. The Cavs have 14 wins and the Heat will make the playoffs but have underachieved. After all the hub-bub dies down, its just a struggling team vs. a mediocre team playing ball at the Q tonight. I hope everyone behaves themselves and no one gets hurt or arrested, etc…


Baron Davis is going to make his first start for the Wine & Gold tonight. I assumed it would happen sooner or later but with only 10 or so games left I’m wondering: “why pull the trigger?”. All starting Baron can do right now is mess with Ramon’s head.

Regardless, WIN tonight. Would be rad. Go Cavs

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