New Uniforms Next Year

Via Windy at the Plain Dealer

It looks like there will be a revamp of the current colors, jerseys and logos starting next year. We will probably get a peak at what they will be by the end of the year.  So there is one more reason to buy more LeBron Jerseys (if he stays) other than him switching to #6.

Here are the highlights:

  • Current metallic gold will be replace by a yellowish gold closer to the 70s color
  • The “Cavaliers” and “Cleveland” script across the chest of the jerseys will have a new design (rumored to be block letters).
  • Cavaliers Logo will change to feature “crossing swords” (no jokes please)

Ready Windy’s full article below:

“It may seem like no team in the NBA wears as many different uniforms as the Cavaliers. Well, there’s more — with completely different styles — on the way.

The Cavs are planning on slightly changing their team colors and also revamping their standard home and road uniforms for next season. The idea has been in the works for about two years, the amount of time the team must give the league before making a uniform adjustment, but the designs are not finalized.

It will not be a major change, team sources said, like seven years ago when the team brought back its current “new expression of wine and gold” and a new logo featuring crossing swords. The team’s logos will stay basically the same, but there’s going to be a brighter yellow featured.

Also, the front of the uniforms are expected to undergo a design change with a different presentation of the word “Cavaliers” on the home white and alternate blue uniforms and a different style of “Cleveland” on the wine road jerseys.

Currently, the Cavs use a pale shade of gold. That is one of the reasons why the gold has been less emphasized in recent years. There is virtually no gold used on the current floor design and very little on the standard uniforms. Blue has emerged as the team’s secondary color by default. The new gold color will be more vibrant, closer to the original gold the team used in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The team hopes to finalize and unveil its new uniforms by the end of the season.”