Z is NOT Opting Out

Z is a great dude. Here’s what he had to say: “There are no greener pastures for me, I’ve been a Cavalier and I’ll always be a Cavalier.”

Z has always been a stand-up guy. He has had a great career and I hope he ends it in Cleveland. Yes, the Cavs may go after a big with quicker feet, but i guarantee that a 7’3″ center with soft touch and great hands around the rim with always get minutes with us.

Please thank him for letting us steal his youth (compare with Z in 1997 and Z in 2009)

When its all said and done, he’ll be the all-time leader for games played, rebounds, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, personal fouls and blocked shots. He’ll be up there in a lot of other categories too. I am looking forward to showing my kids #11 in the rafters.