Cavs media day and more…

Well, the off season is officially over and not much has changed with the Cavs roster. Stability has been the buzz word of the organization since Danny Ferry and Dan Gilbert took over, this summer they took it to extreme. So far, they’ve signed Devin Brown and traded for Cedric Simmons. Gone are David Wesley and Scot Pollard, but if most of your time was spent in a suit, were you really here?

Now the big issue. Sasha and Anderson are no where to be seen, two key components from the season and playoff run from last season. It appears the Cavs are playing a hard ball. They have the leverage and the players and their agents know it, so Sasha and Andy are playing their only card, threaten to play in Europe and not sign the qualifing offer. I’m all for players getting what they can, but this isn’t making sense. Both players have entered uncharted waters. We’ll see who blinks first.

Today the Cavs held their media day at their new pratice facility and if you want to see Lebron read some promos for ESPN/ABC, check it out.

Also, Lebron was on Saturday Night Live and it was pretty much a train wreck. Thinking back, he played himself in the first sketch after the monologue, then he played himself, then he played a basketball player, then he played an annoying nerd, then a gay Solid Gold dancer. Nothing to memorable from the show. He did wear a pretty fly velvet suit during the monologue.