In a stunning move, the Cavaliers (err, Dan Gilbert) have fired long time play-by-play man and noted word aficionado Michael Reghi. Trying to fill his shoes will be some guy who used to do play-by-play for the Pistions.

We get it Dan, you’re from Detriot. You like to benchmark winners. Can you please leave something Cleveland? First we had to endure Public Address announcer Ronnie “Slam” Duncan, a blatant Mase rip-off, yelling at us the entire game and now this? Reghi, while at times a little over the top and maybe a little corny, brought a certain flair and life to the broadcast. His rapport and camaraderie with AC and Scott Williams was both genuine and entertaining.

You’ll be missed “Plugs”.

Flight Number 23
lift and lace
sweet stroke that jumper
bottom out that jumper
stick back jumper
ripping some cord
the Candyman
The Wonder Kid from Akron St. Vincent St. Mary’s
wheeling in the lane
the rip away
hammer it home
the blow by
gets a blow
You can book this one for the Cavaliers