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Jersey Page is Up!

The jersey page (my favorite) is up.  Click here.  The sub pages still link to the old site.  I will probably fix that this weekend, because it will take a while


Lots O’ Pages Added (Draft, Courts, Arenas, Multimedia*, Misc)

Hey Cavs fans,

The new site is about 75% done (except bugs to be fixed).  Last night we added the following pages in the new format:

Please enjoy the new experience.  Comments are welcome

-the mgmt

*these pages are added but not complete

All Players Pages are Up!

enjoy cavs fans

(p.s. that took like forever)


Update: yes, I know that some of the numbers aren’t there yet. they are still being drawn and that some of the themes do not have the correct 2ndary logo.  That is hurriedly being fixed but is an (unfortunately) manual process.  Expect it to bug you for a while. But, once its done, its done and life will be good.

Please hit me up with comments/praise/anger

Courts Page is LIVE

Check it out here

Owners Bio Pages have been added

Its been a long time coming, and I can’t believe I haven’t added them until now, but the majority owners pages are up and gloriously live.
Check ’em out here:

Nick Mileti (1970-1980)

Nick Mileti (1970-1980)

Ted Stepien (1980-1983)

Ted Stepien (1980-1983)

Gordon Gund (1983-2005)

Gordon Gund (1983-2005)

Dan Gilbert (2005-Present)

Dan Gilbert (2005-Present)

OK, I’ll get back to the players pages now

Seasons and Player List Pages LIVE

Check it out, we have some progress finally.

the seasons pages (link in header above) is live.  All custom colored for each era.  Team photos are clickable, but player pages not live yet (will take a while).

Also, the players index is live (link in header above)  Again, only the list is live, the players pages are not up yet.

Working HARD to get it all up.

Feedback please.

-the mgmt

New CavsHistory!

If you are reading this, then you probably realize that you are at the New  The rest of the pages will be migrated to this format in the next couple of weeks.

in the meantime, please visit  All the stuff is still there and v2 will remain there for perpetuity because I’m sentimental.


Site Outage this Weekend / Upgrade Announcement

Hi loyal CavsFans,

This weekend the old site (the current one) will be moved to the URL and there will be a brief site outage. This is to make way for the beta testing of the new site (if you want to be a beta tester email me at or msg me a

The current site has been in this format for almost 7 years and it is time for a change.  The homepage will be updated to the blog temporarily. Then in the coming weeks, we will slowly be rolling out the new format (lovelingly dubbed CavsHistory 3.0).  The new features should make you guys happier (and let bloggers/tweeters link directly to pages). Basically, we are getting all web 2.o when its almost time to get web 3.0

The old format will live on forever at, it won’t be deleted just in case anyone just can’t bear to live without it.

Be patient with us, there will be bugs and hiccups.  But I guarantee the new format will be a pleasant experience and will hold up better against the upcoming LeBron/Shaq-led title run as well as the impending LeBron free-agent-to-be craziness.

Go Cavs


So Now that we have some banners hanging up in the rafters, I thought it would be appropriate to represent them on the site. They now shine proudly on the awards page.

Player Updates

Finished DMiles’ stats ’cause he got traded. We’ll miss ya buddy.
Added player page for Jeff McInnis