LeBron Drops 50 on Knicks, Almost Gets Accosted by Fan

LeBron went off in the second half of the Kicks game and ended up with 50p 8r 10a 4s. That’s a good night.

But, what made this blog worthy is some dude tried to “get him” in the fourth quarter at MSG

LBJ actually gave the dude some respect before security “escorted” him out.

The NY Daily News has it here.

ESPN has it here

(UPDATE: So according to reports, the kid who ran across the court and got to LeBron should LeBron’s hand and said he was a big fan. LeBron didn’t even flinch. He just said: “Thanks, What’s up?”

Here’s my thing, if a dude sprinted towards me, and I’m on the court, and I’m in NYC AND I’m a celeb like LBJ. I wouldn’t be saying “what’s up?” Guess he’s cool like that.)

  • By dcass, March 6, 2008 @ 1:37 pm

    I watched this again last night. How does some dude just meander across the court (from sideline to sideline!) as MSG with no one even trying to stop him until Devin Brown points at him and goes: “Uh, ‘Bron… you may want to pay attention to this nutjob”

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