This site was created because there was literally NO place on the web documenting the history of the Cavaliers (except for the few paragraphs on CAVS official site). It all started by just posting pictures of the jerseys (which were harder to find than they should be). Then I scanned in the logos, traced them in Photoshop and put those up. When I showed it off to some buddies their unanimous reaction was: "OK, but it'd be really cool if you had all of the players and stats." Well there have been 246 players to play for the Cavs, that might take a while. I decided to do it anyway. After about four months I had almost all of the players and pix added. Today, the stats for EVERY Cavalier EVER and every head coach is accounted for (some pix are still missing, HELP!). After that, I decided to just do all of it. Now I'm trying to document every nook and cranny from the history of our Cleveland Cavaliers. There's plenty to do, so I'm not going to be bored anytime soon.

This site is free. All of the pictures, sounds and videos belong to whoever owns the rights to them (not me). All rights to the logos, etc... belong to the Cavs. I don't care if you use any of the data on this site. Use it for your 7th grade report on sports; I don't care, just don't try to sell it or do something that's stupid. Remember, some guy is putting his kids' through college on the money he gets from selling his glossy 8" x 10"s of Jay Guidinger. So don't take food out of his kids mouths.

I am always looking to make the site better, so tell me what's lacking or wrong.

Stats are updated at least monthy (although if a player gets traded or cut, I update their stats the day it goes down and add any new guys we get). Random fun stuff is added from time to time, check the weblog to see what's new. Other than that, that's it. Go to it! Time for you to memorize all of the players from the Stepien era, amaze your friends by naming off all of the guys from the miracle year, maybe you can change your computer's wallpaper to give World B. Free his proper due or try to guess how many people got fired when the 1994 court design was unveiled, whatever. Enjoy!

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