Cavs vs. Knicks



Cavs are in NYC to take on Melo/ Amare and the Knicks at the “Mecca” of basketball.  Cavs have twice surprised the Knickerbockers with an upset, including a game that Carmelo declared the game won before they played because they deserved to win after being blown out the previous game.  (NBA logic)

After the game, Carmelo said “No Excuses” for the loss… then game some excuses:

”I don’t like to make any excuses, this was a game, regardless of how long we’ve been together, that we should have got,” said Anthony, who had a gauze wrap on his elbow. ”It comes down to everybody being on the same page defensively. ”We’ve only had four practices to get it together.

”No excuses.”

Also of note, NY did NOT have Billups last game.  I would’ve gone with that excuse

Go Cavs.


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