Non Story of the Day: “People Still on LeBron for Not Shaking Hands”

OK, here’s what ACTUALLY happened.  He was pissed off and wanted to get off the court.  That’s it.  He hated




losing and wanted out of there.  LeBron is the super star of the league and hasn’t made any mistakes and I agree with him, he hasn’t had a “black eye” yet. The media is really stretching to try and get something juicy to write about him (free agency, handshake-gate, dunk-gate, T-Shirt-gate, etc…).  Tell you what, if the worst thing LBJ does in his career is wear a funny T-Shirt or not shake hands, it’ll be fine by me.

here’s the story from

LeBron James defended his decision not to shake hands with the Magic after his Cavaliers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs this past season.

James was asked by a reporter if not shaking hands following the loss put the first blemish on his reputation on Tuesday while promoting his upcoming movie, “More Than a Game.”

“I still haven’t had a black eye, for one. Two, I don’t regret anything that I do. The only thing I apologize for that night is not doing the media [session, after the game].

“The media, your … job don’t start until ours’ finish. You guys can’t report and write you guys’ story until we take a shower, until we come out and sit on the podium. That’s the only thing I apologize for. As far as shaking hands, it’s something that is not done in the NBA. If it was something like tennis, after tennis, you play, you win, you lose, you go to the center and shake hands, it happens every game in tennis.”