TMZ to Show Video of LeBron Getting Dunked On?

*sigh*  Not much of a story but decided to post it anyways.

Apparently TMZ got a hold of a mobile phone vid of the dunk and are going to show it.

Here’s what the slimeballs say on their site:

You know what we’re talking about — the legendary moment where some virtually unknown college kid blasted a two-handed dunk right in King James‘ FACE — at his very own LeBron James summer basketball camp!!

LeBron’s people and Nike reportedly confiscated all video proof of the moment LeBron got taken to the HOLE — but we finally found the one SURVIVING copy of the moment LeBron became LeBitch … and it’s awesome!!!!

We’re going to premiere the footage on TMZ TV tonight — but we’ll post the uncut in-your-face slam on the website at 6:45 PM EST.

So check back … you definitely wanna WITNESS this!!!

TMZ Super Secret Screen Grab

TMZ Super Secret Screen Grab

I hope they do show it so this story can die.

  • By dcassNo Gravatar, July 22, 2009 @ 1:16 pm

    LeBron 2010 has the vid… its a yawner

    put this non-story to bed

  • By dcassNo Gravatar, July 23, 2009 @ 8:07 am

    OK ebaumnation has the good copy (and I’m glad they trumped TMZ). Its a nice little dunk… but not really an earth mover. Big non issue.

    now the debate is: are Nike genius marketers for getting James this much off season buzz? or are they terrified to have LBJ look human.

    I think there is a 3rd reason. Our media wants to crush people

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