Cavs Re-Ink Andy for 6 more Years

Cavs went ahead and locked up the Human Palm Tree for 6 more years (at reportedly $42.5  with incentives that could push it to $50. The final year is also not guaranteed)

Andy is a high caliber defender who you only love if he plays on your team.  He runs the pick and roll with LBJ better than anyone else and he’s also entering his prime. If Dan Gilbert is willing to shell out the money for people, then all right.

My brother and I had a conversation about the parallels between this signing and Hot Rod‘s back in the early 90’s.  Both were solid “sometimes” starters playing the 4 and 5.  Both contributed a lot while not being the and neither really could be lost while you are right in the middle of trying to win a title.  Chemistry counts.

Check the press release here.

…and he’s a pretty funny guy, too (remember Andy’s Chalk toss?)