Not So Breaking News

We know we’re not your source for Cavs news, but we’re trying to get ISO-9000 certified so we have to document everything. With that in mind, Mike Brown received a contract extension the other day. Brown is in a tough predicament, when the Cavs win, it’s because of Lebron, when they lose, it’s because of him. That’s the way it is for an NBA coach and he’ll be getting paid handsomely for it. Brown has done well as the head coach, we realize his rotations can be head scratching, his offense mind numbing and his hope to recreate some variation of ‘2 girls 1 cup’ on the sideline, by hacking luggies into a cup, disgusting (not nearly as disturbing as the original), but he has delivered on his promise to make the Cavs a defense first team. When the Cavs play defense, they win. It’s that simple and it took them far last year.

Like it or lump it, Mike Brown is going to be around for a while. We’re hoping he does wel enough to keep Lebron around for a while too.

  • By dcass, January 18, 2008 @ 2:33 am

    never watch that video… never

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