2006-2007 Regular Season in the Books

Just finalized the stats for this year.
I’ll update the Playoffs stats after each round.

Go Cavs!

Austin Carr Inducted Into Inaugural NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame

Austin Carr has been announced to be part of the inaugrual class of inductees to the NCAA Basketball hall of fame (with other greats such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar).

Its a very, very high honor and AC is very deserving. Here are some notes on his HOF Notre Dame Career:
“The consensus player of the year for Notre Dame in 1971 and a unanimous first team All-America player, Carr holds the NCAA tournament career record for scoring average at 41.3 points per game. He also holds the tournament game records for points with 61, field goals with 25 and field goals attempted with 44. Carr was named to the ESPN Top 50 college players of all-time in 2005.”

Way to go AC. “Mr. Cavalier” is a 100% class act and a Cav through and through. I also think he is cool as hell because he gave me (just a random crazed fan) a hug with tears still in his eyes at the draft party just after we won the lottery. THAT is a guy who loves the wine and gold.

LeBron is Eastern Conference PotM for March 2007

LBJ was named Eastern Conference Player of the Month for March 2007.
He posted stats of 30.3 ppg on .484 shooting, 6.7 rebounds and 7.0 assists per game in 15 games (Cavs went 11-4 in these games).

This is LeBron’s 5th PotM award and he is still the only Cav to have ever won the honor.
Its all on the Awards Page.

All things considered, LBJ finished the season strong. He will most likely (in my estimation) finish 4th in MVP voting (Dirk, Nash, Kobe).
Remember he finished 8th his first year, 6th his second year and 2nd his third.
Also, looks like he has first team All-NBA locked up again as well (he was 2nd team his 2nd year and 1st team last season).
I keep track of that kind of crap on his NBA Page

Three LBJ Commercials

Added two new commercials and one old one for LeBron to the LeBron Phenomenon Commercials page.

The funny Cub Cadet commercial.

The dramatic Windows Vista commecial.

And the oldy Sprite ”Toy Riding a Dog” commercial.

LeBron Shoe Leaks! (V and Soldier)

A leak has surfaced about the Air Zoom LeBron V

Also, (much like the LeBron 20-5-5) LBJ has an alternate shoe coming out called “the Soldier”.

Check out the new Nike Year 5 Page in the LeBron Phenomenon page to check it all out.

(FYI: if you want to check out two awesome LeBron shoe pages, look at LeBron Talk and Nike Lebron.net. That’s what I do.)

THE Ohio State University to Wear LBJ

Kindof a cool story I think. The Buckeyes are going to be a “LeBron” team. This means the jerseys will no longer sport the Nike logo. Now they will sport the LBJ 23 logo.

Also, they’ll be a new style of “form fitting” jersey for a tailored look
(check out USA Today’s coverage.)

This is pretty neat. I remember when a bunch of teams (Cinci most notably) became Air Jordan teams and started wearing the Jumpman logo and how cool I thought that was.

James (almost) sets All-Star Voting Record

Hard to believe but an Ohioan, playing in Cleveland has set the record for most votes ever for the NBA All-Star Game. James received a ridiculous 2,558,278 votes.

All this after all we hear is “he’s gotta go to LA or Chicago or NY to be popular. Seems like he’s doing just fine to me.

(UPDATE: I have updated this post because, James’ total is actually second all time to Yao’s total from last year)

LeBron Can Jump High

Added the vid of LBJ’s big dunk against Philly back in November on the videos page.

Blog Update

Guys, I have upgraded our blog from Blogger Beta to Blogger V1.x
This means lots of new features (like better history organization, tagging and other stuff).
But, to use all of this stuff, this means that I have to rewrite the stylesheet (ugh). So, bear with me while I struggle through it.