LBJ Shoe Day!!!

Happy November 16th. Its LeBron shoe day and i went out and bought em. Crunch suggested that I write something up, so here I go.

So, I live in LA… 2,500 miles from Cleveland. Wonder how popular LBJ is out here? I went to Footlocker in Santa Monica at 10:30am… AND THEY WERE SOLD OUT ALREADY! OK, they only open up at 10am, so we know that either there are some people more into LBJ than me or shoe “copping” is more popular out on the west coast.

Anyways, $150 bucks later, I had my Zoom LBJ IV’s.

(check them all out on my table)

Since I have all his kicks, I thought I’d review ’em all briefly.

Air Zoom LeBron IV
Heavy, not very detailed but feel great on the foot. I should explain what I mean by “not very detailed”. The reason that LeBron’s shoes are so cool is because they have lots of little cool details on them. They aren’t just a shoe with his name on them.
3rd best overall

Air Zoom LeBron III
Almost perfect. Tons more detail than the the other three. Even his name on the agletts (the tips of the laces). They are ulra cool looking and feel great to wear.
But… 2nd best overall

Air Zoom LeBron II
Cool freaking shoe. Looks like a bullet-proof vest. Nice velcro strap to tighten around your ankle. Not too heavy either. They are simpler than the AZLIII, but still have some cool nooks and crannies.
#1 LeBron shoe so far!
They are, by FAR, the most comfortable and freakin’ great to play in.

Air Zoom Generation
LAME name (how can they not name them “THE LEBRON” or something?). Too thin. Not good to wear or play in. But nostagia goes a long way. These are the shoes he wore in Game #1 and the ones he’s wearing in his first “Tomahawk Dunk”. The photo of that dunk has become THE iconic image of his career (see below).

Other Info.
None of these are his best feeling shoe. The LBJ 20-5-5 shoe (below), is the best feeling shoe I’ve ever played in. But, since its not an “official” numbered seasonal shoe, I’m not counting it.

  • By Crunch, November 17, 2006 @ 5:05 pm

    I like the darth vador helmet in the background. Not ready to give that up, are you?

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