"I said he'll flip you. Flip ya for real"

Now that Ronny Murray is a memeber of the Cavs, everyone has been asking us, “Where does he rank on Cavs All-Time Nickname team?” We’re glad you asked. After minutes of consideration, Cavshistory.com is proud to present, The Cavaliers Top Ten All-Time Nickname squad:

10.) Wayne “Tree” Rollins

9.) Ronald “Flip” Murray

8.) Clarence “Foots” Walker

7.) Robert “Tractor” Traylor

6.) “Flat-Top” Freddie Roberts

5.) “Dinner Bell” Mel Turbin

4.) William “Smush” Parker

3.) Bobby “Bingo” Smith

2.) John “Hot Rod” Williams

1.) “Magic” Milos Babic

  • By Crunch, February 24, 2006 @ 5:46 pm

    Bonus points to anyone that can make a poem out of the nicknames.

    When the “Hot Rod” “Tractor” ran over my “Foots”,
    It went “Smush,”
    I didn’t get mad, remained rather “Flip”
    Cause I knew my “Magic” skills could bring back the “Flat Top”,
    Plus I could answer the “Dinner Bell” or scream out “Bingo”
    But sadly could not climb a “Tree”.

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