Major Update!!! About videos

Guys, you have one week to download any vids you want on this site, because as of Feb 12th, they are all coming down and I’ll be showing em on youtube ( instead.

The site has gotten more popular than my bandwidth can hold (over a million hits a month – GOSH!).

Anyways, too many links to the vids, too many weird MySpace pages linking to the vids (apparently a lot of people on MySpace like LeBron, go figure). Anyways, the site is going down daily at about 5pm PST (8pm EST) because of lack of bandwidth…. so, in an effort to keep it up, vids have to go.

They’ll still be visable, but just with a Flash YouTube plug-in.

Sorry, changes had to be made, I can’t support your LBJ habit alone any more


p.s. the site is STILL free and always will be, go Cavs!